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Career in Defence

A Career in the Defence Forces

A career in the Defence Forces has always had a place of dignity and respect amongst the youth. Indian Armed Force consists of three different wings of services- Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

Career in Armed Forces is entirely different , whether an officer or a soldier or for that matter a technician or a clerk, all join the Indian Defence Services with a sense of patriotism in their heart.

The Defence Forces have, over the time systematically focused on making the services more attractive, which include faster promotions, improved accommodation availability and quality schooling for children. Job in the services is highly Challenging. There is no comparison of quality of discipline in services.

Why you should  join Indian Army, Navy or Air Force.

  • It is a service, not a job! Unlike your jobs at MNCs, defence sector gives a whole new meaning to live a life full of adventures. It makes you perfect both mentally and physically and gives an opportunity to serve the nation. It is the ideal way to live a life.
  • It is the best in the government sector. It is well understood by one and all that joining Armed Forces is the best way to serve the Nation. It is even better than IAS, IPS or other AIS.
  • In defence, everything is based on a well-defined structure and you get promotions on a time scale basis up to a certain rank.
  • Defence offers a comparably good pay and increments with time whereas in corporate, salary increments are given only with promotions.
  • It gives you many opportunities including adventure and sports along with innumerable facilities, which beat MNCs.
  • Now the most important part, it promises job security, family security, job satisfaction and the pride of wearing the uniform and the respect you get from the society cannot be matched. Most of the facilities are available after retirement also.
  • Love for the country, zest for living in it, patriotism and adventure are the driving forces behind defence services

“You have never lived until, You have almost died, And for those who choose to fight, Life has a special flavor, The protected will never know!!!”

Captain R.Subramanian

A career in the Indian Army


The Indian Army is the largest and the oldest armed force in the world. The Indian Army offers excellent career opportunities to the adventurous young candidates. Career in Amry is an honour to serve the country. There are numerous facilities provided by Army these days.The Indian Army characterizes the ideals of service, sacrifice, patriotism and our country’s composite culture. The main job of Army is to safeguard the territorial boundaries of the nation from external encroachment. In addition, the Army is often required to assist the civil administration during internal security disturbances, in the maintenance of law and order, in organising relief operations during natural calamities like floods, earthquakes and cyclones and provide  essential services to the country men.

The two main lines of work in the The Indian Army are categorized under the Fighting Forces and the Support Services. The Armed forces comprise the armored corps, artillery, signals, engineering and the infantry. Armed Forces have similar divisions in the navy and Air Force also, while the Support Services include electronic and mechanical engineering, ordinance corps, medical corps, intelligence and education.

Every year more than a million young men and women are employed in Indian Armed Forces. One can join the Army as an officer or an Army man.

A career in the Indian Air Force


A career with the Indian Air Force is one of the prestigious and preferred options considered by the youth in India. It is all about being in the midst of best of the people, supersonic jets, and state-of-the-art technology. Indian Air Force recruits  young people who are energetic, passionate, enthusiastic, who are committed to guard the motherland. There are various career opportunities in the Indian Air Force for individuals who look for a career full of adventure and challenge. Here are some of the career options available with this arm of the Indian Defence Services.

The career opportunities in the Indian Air Force can be broadly divided into three categories. These are flying branch, technical branch and the ground duty branch. The names of the branches have been kept according to the kind of profiles available with respective branches.

Whether you are a graduate or you have finished your schooling, Indian Air Force has an exciting career opportunity for you. You can join the Indian Air force to secure the  future for you and your family.

A career in the Indian Navy


The Indian navy is a wonderful way of seeing the world while serving your country and building goodwill among Nations. Therefore if you love to be in a ship away  from your loved ones for a long stretch of time, a career in Indian Navy could be for you.

The glorious and challenging career in Indian navy is entirely different from other professions. In navy you can show your leadership skills and you have a chance to travel all around world, meet new people and enjoy warmth and amity. A career in Indian Navy offers immense facilities, a privileged lifestyle, an unique way of exploring one’s life and of course, honour in serving the country. 

A career in Indian navy is of high demand. It is a profession which offers personal, financial and emotional security and status in the society. The navy also offers attractive pay package, perks, life time pension plans, medical benefits for self and family. The experience that you gain in the Navy can help you shape your future life through unparalleled career potential, and the lifestyle of personal growth that you’ve been waiting for. Besides, navy is such an organisation which gives you  opportunities for  participation in all kinds of adventure activities like Para Sailing, Mountaineering, Scuba Diving, Hang Gliding, Skiing, Water Sports etc. and all kinds of other sports activities.

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